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How to spark customer-engagement with content during Corona.

Updated: May 6, 2020

We are living in strange times, to say the least.

I am not here to talk about Corona. You have heard about it, hopefully, and there are many other websites on the Internet to provide you with the latest news on the epidemic. I am instead interested in what happens when we are forced to rethink the way we work.

Whether you own a local bike-repair shop, an antique store or Apple, you rely on your customers to purchase your products and/or services. Except from having more money than certain countries, Apple will still be able to run their company digitally. All their marketing and sales can be done via the Internet, and people will still be able to purchase a phone or a computer and get it delivered straight to the door. But what happens to the bike-repair shop? Do people care about fixing their bike right now, and if so, do they want to take the risk of going to the shop and get it fixed? And what about the antique store? My guess is that people would rather stack up on hand-sanitizers right now rather than antique decorations.

So how can you provide value to your customers? The answer is content.

A lot of companies have realised the importance of content and many of them have started hiring Content Producers to do the job. If you are new to content, you probably wonder what the difference between content and traditional advertising is. Well, they go hand in hand but have slightly different purposes. Where advertising is used to sell a product by showing you how new and shiny it is; content aims to show you how the product is used, why you should use it and what value it can bring you as a customer. Content is educational, inspiring and there to help you out.

Listed below are two examples on how you can work with content online. These examples are not specific for these kinds of businesses; with some creativity and practise I am sure that you can make it work for your business as well.

Example 1: The bike-repair shop

People might still want to fix their bikes. They can not visit your shop and they are going to have to do it themselves. Here is a perfect opportunity for you as a business owner to provide them with educational content.

Create a blog post on the subject; "How to repair your bike from the comfort of your own garage".

  1. Provide them with a list of tools and safety-equipment that could come in handy when repairing a bicycle.

  2. Categorise the repair-process e.g. "Replacing bicycle chain", "Adjust handle bars" etc and guide your customers through each step of the process.

  3. You might want to list different bicycle-brands and provide your customers with links to where they can purchase specific spare-parts. Maybe they can buy them from you online?

  4. Urge them to try everything out before hitting the road.

  5. You should also have a clear Call To Action (CTA) at the end of your blog-post. This could be a link to your online shop, an invitation to your weekly newsletter, a contest that you are hosting etc.

  6. And of course, remind them to wear a helmet.

Example 2: The Antique Shop

People are stacking up on hand-sanitizers and they feel no need to purchase old, perhaps Corona-infected, chairs at the moment. Of course I am joking, but it is probably not too far from reality. What can you do to engage your customers without them having to physically visit your store?

Host a competition on social media. Ask your followers to send you pictures of their own antiques for you to rate in rarity and/or price. Choose three lucky winners that will receive a fabulous price from your store and as a bonus you will post their photos on your account..

Not only is this fun for your followers; it also signals your expertise which in return builds trust. By doing so, you let them know that you care and hopefully, the next time they are looking for a ceramic bunny-lamp, your company is on top of their minds.

Just because the world is at a standstill, you can still get things moving.

It is all about finding that spark of creativity. And though it takes some practise to create a blog, host a competition or whatever it is that you want to do; there are tons of free articles online that can guide you through it.

That is the true beauty of content.

If you need help with anything content-related or just feel like discussing this topic further, do not hesitate to contact us at Yadi Yada.

Take care and be safe.

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